All of our best packages here at J. Smith events truly are the ones where we have time to consult and plan a vision together, really building your own. However we understand that the more visual person who may be concerned with numbers likes to see a price on a page. We are offering these specific packages below to help give an idea of what to expect. These are our most basic and typical requests from couples, they do not include some of the more luxurious items we offer but they sure do not skip out on quality, grace and beauty. We are confident you would be happy with the results.



Package One




This package includes your basic small bridal party combination.

1 Bridal Bouquet.

2 Bridesmaids Bouquets.

3 Bouts.

package Two

Low and Lush


This package includes your basic low and lush centerpiece option, there are 10 containing approximately 10-12 flowers and lush greenery in a decorative container all in your color choices.

Package Three



This packages includes our 3-4 ft standard tower vases with a lush and airy bouquet flowing out to grace your tables, the package includes 10 and contains approximately 15-20 flowers and cascading foliages.