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Out of the Love for Flowers...

Someone had a dream of creating one of a kind floral pieces for people like you. Unique, cutting edge, aesthetically pleasing and elegant, floral design has always been our passion here at J. Smith Events and we love helping you create the most memorable wedding, party, or celebration of your dreams.


We believe our sole purpose and satisfaction comes from transforming an intimate dream into a one of a kind, picture perfect moment. In crafting floral artwork we strive in using only the highest quality flowers and products in our studio. We can show you there is a difference between your average flower selection and the premium array we can offer for your wedding or event.


We also believe in coordinating with you every step of the way and take the time to truly understand what vision every person and couple has in the event planning process. We value the trust and loyalty of our clients, are honored and extremely grateful to be chosen and considered one of the best in Kansas City. Our assets include the ability to actively listen to each client, combining the client's visions, creating emotional bonds, and that we are dedicated to making your occasion something you will never forget.

Let us help you with your dream. Let us create a memory!